About Us
In 1976 I got my first job on a boat scrubbing toilets and doing dishes. This job led to my first complete refit that I assisted in which included, main engine, generators, electrical, electronics, paint and so on. After the refit the boat set out for the Marquesas Islands. I was a "Green Horn" on this trip and it was a disaster due to the shabby workmanship done by the shipyard. We had a "run away” main engine, numerous electrical failures, a poor electronics installation and more. Then it hit me at about 3:00 AM as I was pulling a fully charged 32 volt bank of batteries out from under the main engine that had fallen off the shelf from under the workbench. As the batteries hit the oil pan a big blue arc shot out from under the engine, “I can do a better job than this". Thirty-Five years later I can say with confidence I can assist you to solve any problem you are having with the systems onboard your boat or during the construction process in the shipyard. I can also assemble the correct team of professionals to fix your boat in the areas of construction where assistance is necessary. No one can know it all; you just have to know where to get the correct information. I stand by all of my work.

So if you are building a new boat, refitting an older boat or just want some new electrical outlets put in, we can do the job. My priorities are as stated;


I have been the guy 1000 miles from shore, waist deep in the engine room with no working radios; so let me help you avoid these problems. With more than 200,000 miles at sea in ocean crossings, many boats refit and built under my belt I can assist you. I have done the research for you, so you do not have to.

I have provided photos on this site of places I have been while on board boats as I think it is important to keep in perspective that boats are amazing tools for having amazing adventures, and this concept is quite often lost in the shipyard. So whether you want a real hard core adventure up a river in South East Asia, to go big game fishing and diving in the South Pacific, visit the Alaskan Inland Passage, or just have a good old time going from luxury hotel to luxury hotel, the concept is the same, safety and dependability.

Scott Shelton
USCG Master Oceans