Design and Layout of systems are incredibly the most overlooked installations on the boat in the yachting world. It is quite often assumed that a machine will fit, or operate in a given space or location. The machine will arrive and when it is set in place with all the supporting systems attached the space is physically too small or simply will not work for what ever reason. Sometimes the supporting systems in an existing boat are too small or inadequate for the new machine. For example if a new generator is purchased you must check the supporting systems to see if they meet the demands of the new machine, if not the machine will not operate properly or if it does operate the life span of the machine will be compromised. All machines that are onboard a boat have supporting systems attached to them for various functions whether they are Electrical or Mechanical.

All systems whether it be Electrical, Electronic, Engine, Fresh Water, Air Conditioner, Black Water or whatever, operate independently as their own system, yet all systems are dependent on each other and operate as a composite unit onboard the modern boat. This makes each system just as important as the next.

Even the most seasoned boat builder and installer can overlook the obvious things about an installation. It is always a balance of what the owner wants, building code, what the factory specifications are to keep the machine under warranty, what will make the machine perform the best, and having accessibility to do maintenance on the machine. The best way to help avoid over looking these things, get the best performance from your machine and to do the job right the first time, is through doing the proper research and come up with a good and feasible design and layout plan.